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Outdoor shed 01/13/2022

What Can You Store in an Outdoor Shed?

Across the globe, more and more people are relying on outdoor sheds to simplify and organize their lives.

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Carports 01/13/2022

Does Adding a Carport Increase Home Values?

Would adding a carport increase the value of your home?

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Home office 12/03/2021

How to Turn a Shed into an Office

More and more of us have learned that we can work from home and have quickly become accustomed to the many benefits that it offers.

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Man cave shed 12/03/2021

How to Build the Ideal Man Cave Shed

Who says a man cave has to be in the basement?

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Man working on carport 11/09/2021

Do You Need a Permit for a Carport?

Carports provide cost-effective protection for vehicles in some of the most challenging climates throughout the country.

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Red Carport 11/09/2021

How to Dress Up a Carport

So you’ve decided to invest in a new carport.

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Cottage shed 06/27/2019

A Cottage Shed Makes for Comfy Living

Turn an outdoor shed or garage from BackYard Storage into a cozy house for guests.

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Home office shed 06/20/2019

Home Office Shed

If you’re a freelancer or a remote worker, try turning an outdoor storage building from BackYard Storage into the perfect place to work in peace.

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Outside shed 06/12/2019

Shed Construction Terms

We’re ready to talk about how your shed is built with these simple definitions.

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Shed selection two 06/05/2019

A Buyer’s Guide to Outdoor Sheds and Garages – Part Two

Learn more about garages, carports, and other popular buildings from BackYard Storage.

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Shed selection 05/29/2019

A Buyer’s Guide to Outdoor Sheds and Garages – Part One

Learn the basics about the most popular models from BackYard Storage.

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Red lofted barn shed 05/22/2019

The Benefits of BackYard Storage

Experience the quality, craftsmanship, and exceptional service our team delivers.

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Field building shed 05/15/2019

Custom Sheds and Garages Make Great Field Buildings for Your Sports Team

If you manage an athletics program, take a look at how a quality shed or garage from BackYard Storage might be the perfect solution to your sports field facility needs.

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Spring orgainize shed 05/08/2019

Spring Is the Season to Organize Your Shed

The time to get your outdoor storage building ready for yard and gardening season is NOW. BackYard Storage helps you get organized with these useful tips.

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Cleaning a shed 05/01/2019

Cleaning Your Shed Yields Beautiful Results

Keep your shed looking clean and new with these few simple (and inexpensive) tips.

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Lawnmower and shed 04/24/2019

Turn a Shed into a Dedicated Garage for Your Mower

Learn how to protect your valuable lawn equipment with these pro-tips from BackYard Storage.

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Workbench 04/18/2019

Come See Us at a Home Show Near You

Home shows are a great place to meet and chat with BackYard Storage about fulfilling your shed dreams and desires.

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Workbench 04/08/2019

BackYard Storage Has All the Popular Options for You

Turn your standard outdoor storage building into a super shed with our great upgrade features.

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Motorcycle in shed 04/01/2019

Protect Your Motorcycle with a Dedicated Shed or Detached Garage

Your motorcycle and other vehicles are expensive investments, so make sure you protect them from damage, weather, and theft.

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Shed flooring 03/20/2019

Your Shed’s Flooring Is Built to Last (and Last, and Last)

At BackYard Storage, our reputation stands on the quality and construction of our floors.

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She shed 03/11/2019

Put the ‘She’ in Shed

Outdoor storage buildings from BackYard Storage aren’t just for men…many of our customers are women who need some space to call their own.

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Caulk shed 03/04/2019

Don’t Let Pests Invade Your Storage Space

Keep rodents, insects, and other destructive critters out and prevent damage to your belongings with a few common sense strategies.

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Measure shed 02/25/2019

Make Sure Your Shed Is the Right Size

Determining the size shed you need is easy with a little knowledge and planning. The following guidelines can help you decide what’s right for you.

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Painting a shed 02/18/2019

Pro-Tips for Painting Your Shed

With a little care and a bit of elbow grease, you can give your outdoor storage building a colorful look that totally satisfies.

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Color wheel 02/11/2019

What’s in a Color?

Choosing your shed’s exterior color palette says a lot about you. Here is a handy guide to help you make the right color choices for the statement you want to make.

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Vinyl siding 02/04/2019

You Can’t Go Wrong with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular and practical material for your outdoor shed. What makes vinyl such a good choice? BackYard Storage has the answers.

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Tv in shed 01/28/2019

Turn Your Outdoor Storage Building into the Ultimate Gameday Shed

Check out these simple tips to creating a SUPER sports venue of your very own.

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Tool shed 01/21/2019

Extend the Life of Your Shed

Get the most out of your BackYard Storage shed with a few handy maintenance tips designed to keep it in great shape and looking sharp.

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Outdoor shed 01/14/2019

Making the Shed Decision

Are you losing your living spaces to your belongings? A storage shed might be the key to helping you reclaim your house.

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Blue backyard shed 01/07/2019

It’s a New Year, So Take Back Your Garage!

Your car is an important investment. Don’t let a cluttered garage force you to park your car outside—get serious about your space and reclaim your garage for its intended purpose with these three simple steps.

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Outside of shed with pots 12/31/2018

Getting in Shape for the New Year Has Never Been Easier with BackYard Storage

Converting one of our made-in-the-USA outdoor storage buildings into a home gym of your very own is an exercise in simplicity.

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Outside of shed with pots 12/23/2018

Creating the Perfect Potting Shed

Organization and planning are the keys to a great garden. Here’s how you can turn an ordinary backyard storage shed into an extraordinary workspace.

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Wooden shed with flowers 12/16/2018

Design Tips for Your Shed

When it comes to designing your small spaces, the key to satisfaction is to get creative.

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Red holiday shed 12/10/2018

How About a Shed for the Holidays?

The holiday season is here! If you’re still searching for a gift for that person who has everything (maybe too much of everything), then why not consider an outdoor storage building to make their holiday wishes come true?

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Metal garage 11/30/2018

Detached Garages Aren't Just for Vehicles

Garages are great for storing your vehicles, but they can be used for a whole lot more. Here are some creative alternatives that help you define your living space and improve your lifestyle.

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Open shed with lawn mower 11/23/2018

Maximizing Your Shed's Storage Space

Purchasing an outdoor storage shed is only the first step toward staying organized and getting the most out of your belongings. It also helps to "plan to store" by using the space you have to maximum effect.

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Red storage shed 11/14/2018

Self-Storage or Storage Shed: Which Is the Better Choice?

If you’re wondering whether it makes more sense to rent a storage unit or purchase a shed of your own, here’s some food for thought to help you decide.

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Shed with wheelbarrows 11/06/2018

Preparing Your Site for Installation

Your shed is designed to sit directly on ground contact runners, or an aluminum or galvanized metal base, that protect the shed’s underside.

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Shed size chart 10/29/2018

Most Popular Shed Sizes

Whether you need a small shed for your garden tools or a two-story detached garage, you can buy a shed in almost any size you desire.

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Red storage shed 10/23/2018

Some Things to Think About When Buying Your Shed

Sheds come in lots of shapes and sizes, but there are really just two basic styles: garden sheds and barn sheds.

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Red storage shed 10/17/2018

6 Things to Consider for HOA-approved Sheds and Storage Structures

If you live in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA), you are likely bound by the written guidelines they establish, often referred to as the neighborhood’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

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Red storage shed 10/09/2018

Why You’re Better Off Choosing a Shed with a Loft

Adding a loft to your backyard storage shed created storage in a space that is often unused. When you purchase a shed with a loft, you can maximize all of your space.

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