A Buyer’s Guide to Outdoor Sheds and Garages – Part One

We sell all sorts of outdoor storage buildings, and when you take our custom shed building capabilities into account, the possibilities are nearly endless. Our biggest-selling products are sheds and garages, but even within these two categories, there is a wide variety of styles and options available.

When you’re looking to purchase or finance a new shed or garage, it helps to know the basics. So, we put together this handy guide to the most common sheds and garages we sell. Part one below covers our outdoor shed and barn models, while part two covers our popular garages and carports.


Sheds are perfect for storing your excess things, but with some creativity and a little conversion, you can turn one of our sheds into virtually ANYTHING!

Whether you need a mini-garage for your riding lawnmower, a private space for work or hobbies, a concession stand for your local event, or even a backyard venue for entertaining, one of our outdoor shed models can provide the perfect solution.

Utility Sheds

This is our most popular model of storage shed because it is so adaptable to nearly any purpose—from gardening and hobbies, to home business and recreation. The basic utility shed comes in a multitude of sizes, styles, and options, and features 6–7-ft. high walls, with a standard-size door and an “A-frame” roof pitch.

Utility shed
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Rugged and roomy, these large shed models are perfect for equipment storage and walk-in workshops. They feature 4-ft. high sidewalls and a high-sloping roofline (called “Gambrel-style”) that provides more head room than a standard shed, yet maintains a lower profile in your backyard.

Barn shed
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Lofted Barns

These buildings feature 6-ft high sidewalls with a “Gambrel-style” roof, making our lofted barns the tallest storage sheds we sell. This model offers the most space per square foot, with plenty of head room and lots of additional storage space overhead with added loft.

Lofted barn shed
View our inventory of lofted barns

Cabin Sheds

This category of outdoor storage building covers pretty much any shed or barn model that features a porch. Cabin sheds add a little charm to any gardening shed or kid’s playhouse, but can also serve a practical function as a fishing cabin or campsite shelter.

Cabin shed
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Lean-to Sheds

This shed model is super popular out west, particularly in California. Lean-tos feature a sloping roof and can be attached to another structure, which helps provide storage solutions for narrow properties. They also make ideal standalone horse stables, vendor stalls, or announcer booths.

Lean to shed
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Browse any of the online inventory links above, or come by one of our convenient locations to see all the available shed sizes, styles, and options. BackYard Storage has the right storage shed for you!

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