A Cottage Shed Makes for Comfy Living

We talk a lot about sheds as storage space solutions, but what about when you need extra living space? Perhaps you have college grads returning to the nest while they find a job, or maybe your mother-in-law has come to live with you. Maybe you just need a spare guest room when you have friends in from out of town.

One answer is to build a tiny home on your property. They’re a big trend right now in “low-cost” living, but some of those little houses come with a big price. And when they say “tiny,” they mean it.

A better solution is to convert one of our sheds or garages into a spacious cottage with all the amenities. Choose a style and colors to match your current home, or give it a look all its own. Add a porch package or a transom window for extra flair, and attractive pre-hung doors for added security.

The real magic happens inside, though. With some drywall and ceiling insulation, along with basic plumbing and an electrical package, you can transform the shed interior into a completely livable space ready for some design love.

Put down carpeting, or install hardwood flooring with throw rugs. Add more windows to improve the view and increase natural light. Install countertops and plumbing fixtures, including a sink and toilet. A nice stand-up wardrobe adds some closet space without extra construction. Add some comfy furniture, and you have the perfect, roomy cottage that affords a little privacy to both guest and host.

You can even make it pay for itself by renting it out to boarders or Airbnb guests. Check with your local municipality and HOA before you invest in a rental shed, however; some communities and neighborhoods either restrict or do not permit detached dwellings.

In any case, a BackYard Storage shed or garage is the perfect starting point to fulfill your living space dreams. All of our sheds and garages are built in the USA with quality engineering and materials, so you can be certain it’s sturdy and will last a long time.

Browse our online inventory for a little inspiration, and then contact us or come by one of our convenient locations and talk to us. We’re ready to show you what you can do!

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