Cleaning Your Shed Yields Beautiful Results

A high quality outdoor shed or garage from BackYard Storage is built to withstand normal weather and wear, but over time, everything will get a little dirty from exposure to the elements. The best way to maintain your outdoor storage building and keep it looking great is to simply clean it on a regular basis (at least once a quarter, but monthly is good, too).

You might be surprised to learn that keeping your shed clean is pretty easy to do and isn’t expensive at all. Here are some great tips to keeping your shed looking presentable without having to spend a ton of time and money to get it done.

Hose off obvious dirt

If your shed becomes dirty from ordinary dust, mud, or grime, you can probably get rid of most of it with an ordinary garden hose sprayer on “jet” setting. For stubborn dirt, mold, or mildew, you might try scrubbing it first with a brush and some commercial cleaning solution (or even a simple homemade solution of dish soap and water).

Pressure wash trouble spots

If the dirt or stains are particularly troublesome or caked on, or the shed has developed large patches of mold or mildew, then you can rent a pressure washer to get rid of it. A solution of white vinegar and water can help loosen mildew and even tree sap. There are also commercial pre-treatment sprays that can help maximize a pressure washer’s cleaning power, although they do add to the cost. Avoid pressure washing windows or any damaged areas of siding, as you can end up doing more harm than good. Clean those areas by hand and repair any damage asap.

Hand wash windows

A pressure washer or even a strong hose spray can crack window glass or inadvertently blast away older weather stripping. Use a soft rag and commercial window cleaner (or a white vinegar and water solution) to keep the windows clean and sparkling.

Sweep out the interior

Dust and dirt get tracked inside your shed through normal use, and if you do any sort of craft or repair work inside the shed, it’s easy for litter and debris to accumulate on the floor and in the corners. Some quick work with a regular broom can give the interior an entire facelift (and it also helps prevent pests).

Pick up around the shed

While you’re cleaning the shed’s exterior, take the time to remove any mulch, leaves, or other debris that might have piled up around the sides. In addition to keeping dirt from splashing on the siding when it rains, you’ll help prevent pests and unwanted moisture from damaging your shed.

Hopefully, these shed cleaning tips can keep your outdoor storage building looking as good as new for many years. All BackYard Storage sheds are built to last, but even the best-built sheds eventually wear out. If some elbow grease can’t get it looking the way you want, then maybe it’s time for a brand-new shed.

Check out our online inventory or come by one of our convenient locations to see all the incredible shed sizes, styles, and options available to you—we’re standing by to help your shed dreams come true!

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