Creating the Perfect Potting Shed

If you’re a gardener who enjoys germinating seeds in pots before planting them in your garden, then a potting shed is probably high on your wish list of backyard additions. When planning a space to work and store all your potting tools and supplies, here are some great ideas to make it absolutely perfect:

Install a Practical Work Table

Obviously, you’ll need a good work bench. While any table will do, it’s best to find one that is at a comfortable height to work from. It should also have raised sides to prevent compost and other materials from falling on the floor.

Use Bins and Baskets

Crates or makeshift receptacle can hold stacks of empty pots. Keep open bags of compost, sand, or perlite in sturdy lidded bins that can be stored beneath the work table so they are out of the way, but close at hand when needed. Baskets are ideal for harvesting your fruits, herbs, and vegetables, but they can also be used to store hand tools, gloves and other small items, and can be hung from the roof rafters or on high shelves to maximize your storage space.

Hang Up Your Tools

Rather than piling all your gardening tools and implements by the door, install hooks or storage racks to keep everything up off the floor and within easy sight and reach.

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves

You can never have too much storage space in your shed, so install shelves or shelving units to multiply your usable space. One clever idea is to use empty pots to store smaller items like labels, twine, scissors, and hand tools on your shelves.

Hook Up a Sink

Ideally, you’ll want a source of fresh water and a sink big enough to hold buckets and watering cans. Depending on your backyard storage shed’s proximity to a water line, you may need to call a plumber to help you install a sink.

Set Up a Staging Table

If your potting shed has windows that get plenty of sunlight, then you can make a growing area for new plants. Second-hand greenhouse staging tables are easy to find, or you can make simple ones with cinder blocks and old wooden planks. Just make sure the staging table is sturdy and positioned to take advantage of the most light. You can even put the staging table outside the shed to save space.

Get Comfortable

While it’s true that a potting shed is a work space, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the time you spend there. Be sure to include some creature comforts such as a radio, a nice chair, and even a coffee maker or a tea kettle to make a quick cup of something delicious.

Regardless of what you use your backyard storage shed for, we have the perfect building to suit your needs and tons of ideas for what you can do with it.

Contact us today or come by one of our convenient locations, and let one of our storage experts show you all the options. Or visit us online and look through our inventory of new and pre-owned outdoor storage buildings. You can even design the exact outdoor storage building of your dreams with our handy online configurator tool.

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