Custom Sheds and Garages Make Great Field Buildings for Your Sports Team

We often talk about outdoor storage buildings for home and personal use, but our sheds and garages have virtually unlimited commercial uses as well.

For example, are you a school administrator or coach, or do you manage a public sports league for youth or adults?

With springtime already here and summer on its way, these are the competitive months for field sports. Besides the open space to play, any athletics organization needs facilities to host and support the games, the players, and the fans.

For your sports field needs, you should consider BackYard Storage’s deep bench of high-quality, made-in-the-USA outdoor storage buildings. Whatever sport you’re in charge of, here are just a few great ideas for turning one of our affordable sheds into a practical solution for game-time.

Equipment Storage

First and foremost, you need space to safely and securely store all your team’s field equipment. Our outdoor storage buildings come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit all your uniforms, gear, balls, and other bulky equipment.

Field Maintenance

Give your grounds crew a place to store their turf equipment and supplies. Large, garage-style storage buildings have plenty of room to fit lawnmowers and tractors, and a drive-up ramp makes it easy to get in and out. Additional storage space gives you plenty of options to scale up your field operations.

Press Box/Announcer’s Booth

With some quick construction adaptations, you can open up one wall and turn one of our sheds into a comfortable shelter with a great view of the game—perfect for recording and reporting all the action.

Concession Stand

Similar to the press box, an open-sided shed makes the perfect booth for selling hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks to all the fans. Wired for electricity, you can keep the food hot and the cash registers ringing.

Team Dugout

With sturdy construction and easy access, our sheds make ideal dugouts for players to focus on the game while sheltered from sun and weather.


If you want a special place for fans to gather, one of our large storage sheds or garages would make an ideal clubhouse for the team. Decorated with the team’s logo and colors, the clubhouse is a perfect spot for enjoying the game and celebrating the big win.

The possibilities are endless with a custom shed or garage from BackYard Storage. Get a great sports field building with financing to fit your budget

Browse our online inventory or come by one of our convenient locations to see all the available shed sizes, styles, and options. The BackYard Storage team of shed experts is standing by to help you find what you want!

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