Design Tips for Your Shed

If you’re planning to purchase an outdoor storage building for something other than storing things (such as a workshop, art studio, hobby space, or exercise room), it helps to get creative in order to get the most out of your space.

Just as with any room in your house, the key to keeping your new activity space useful and comfortable is to avoid clutter and keep it simple, especially if you’re using a small backyard storage shed.

Here are a few design tips that can go a long way to making your space not only more appealing, but also more functional.

Use Track Lighting

Standard lamps take up a lot of valuable space in the interior of your shed. Floor lamps have a footprint and need clearance around them to avoid knocking them over. Even a table lamp needs, well, a table, and that can take up a lot of usable space.

A great solution is to install track lighting in the ceiling—perfect for small spaces. They help conserve space, they don’t interrupt the flow of your floorplan, and you can pivot the lights to focus on certain areas of the interior space you want well-lit.

Get Creative with Furnishings

Clutter can kill your small space, and ruin the exciting plans you’ve made for your backyard storage shed/activity room. The best way to avoid clutter is to plan ahead: Figure out what you’ll need to store inside the space for your activities, and then purchase furnishings that help you solve the storage dilemma.

Some ideas include tall shelving units, mounting shelves high up on the walls or even a loft space, benches with built-in storage under the seat, or stackable boxes and cube bins that can slide under work spaces or other furniture. These options help you keep items off the floor and out of the way, but still within easy reach.

Avoid a Dark Interior

One easy way to give your outdoor storage space the appearance of being larger than it is, is to focus on the lighter side of the color palette. Painting the interiors walls a shade of white, light grey, or tan can make the room seem more open and expansive. Use complementary light colors for your interior furnishings as well to create the illusion of more space.

Another design trick is to make sure your outdoor storage shed includes windows to let light in. Even installing a nice wall mirror can fool the eye into giving the room the appearance of more space.

What are some of YOUR small space design tips?

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