Detached Garages Aren't Just for Vehicles

Detached garages are typically used to store vehicles for homes that have no attached garage as part of the permanent structure. A detached garage has many advantages for homeowners: reduced engine noise, elimination of carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes, and the ability to keep vehicles, tools, and other bulky items out of your main living space. They also give you the convenience of putting your garage exactly where you want it on your property.

Aside from storing your vehicles, however, a detached metal garage has many other useful benefits if you use a little imagination. Here are some example of what you can do with a metal garage from BackYard Storage.


Sometimes, you simply need more storage space…maybe a LOT of it. A detached garage is a perfect option to place a large storage unit on your property. The extra space helps you clear excess items out of your residence and create more living space for your family. If you have special items such as collectibles that take up a lot of space, or if you have other valuable large items cluttering up your house, then a detached garage provides a safe shelter for those belongings. Another obvious storage use is for extra vehicles: if you have lots of lawn equipment, seasonal vehicles (like golf carts, mountain bikes, or motorcycles), or even collector cars, then a detached garage is an ideal solution to storing them, even if your home already has an attached garage.

Entertainment Space

If you host a lot of parties, want a place to hang out with friends, or have kids or teenagers who need a place to play in safety, then converting a detached garage into entertainment space can save a lot of wear and tear on your home, and give you some peace and quiet at the same time. Install lights, a refrigerator and sink, perhaps even a bathroom, and you have a perfect space to enjoy all sorts of recreational activities. Add a game or poker table, cubicles and storage for toys, or even a big-screen TV and surround sound stereo system for the ultimate playroom or home theater.

Guest Room

With a little upfitting (plumbing, insulation, etc.), detached garages make great guest rooms, mother-in-law apartments, or Airbnb suites. Before you think about converting a detached garage into an alternate living space, however, be sure to check with your local government and/or HOA to make sure your city’s zoning laws or neighborhood guidelines don’t prohibit multiple dwellings on a single-use property.

Home Office

If you work from home, then a detached garage can give you space to concentrate and communicate with co-workers and clients, while being just a few convenient steps from the comforts of your home. You’ll still need to do some upfitting, but converting your detached garage into practical office space allows you to clearly define your work and living spaces, and gives you the freedom to earn a living on your terms.

Craft Room

Hobbies and crafts are fun and fulfilling, but often create lots of clutter. Turning a garage into a project room allows you to indulge your interests without compromising your living space or worrying about making a big mess. A detached garage is ideal for woodworking tools, model building, or practicing music instruments, or if your hobby requires a special set-up (like a photography dark room).

Personal Gym

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a home gym but don’t have the room, a detached garage provides plenty of space for all your workout equipment. With the doors open, you have plenty of ventilation and air flow, and the addition of shelves and cabinets allow you to store towels and other items. You gain all the convenience and privacy of a home gym, without having to pay exorbitant private gym fees.

Is a detached metal garage the answer to your needs?

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