Don’t Let Pests Invade Your Storage Space

Your backyard is an entire ecosystem of wildlife, including all sorts of birds, bugs, small rodents, and larger animals. Most of these critters don’t pose a threat to your outdoor storage building, but some do.

Whether you’re talking about invasive warm weather insects like termites and wasps, or disease-carrying vermin such as mice and rats looking for a new home over the winter, unwanted pests can do tremendous damage to your investment—and even pose a health risk—if left unchecked.

The best method of preventing this damage is to stop the pests from getting inside in the first place. The following tips can help you pest-proof your shed:

Seal up cracks

Over time and with exposure to the elements, your shed may develop tiny gaps in the floor and walls. Insects and rodents in particular can squeeze through even the smallest openings, so be sure to fill any cracks with caulk or foam sealant to prevent pests from exploiting these points of entry.

Eliminate moisture

Excess moisture can already damage wooden sheds and invite mold and mildew, but standing water can also attract thirsty pests and be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Keep your shed dry and pest-free by eliminating sources of moisture and repairing any leaks as soon as they develop.

Install pest guards

Wire mesh around the foundation blocks the space between the floor and the ground, and helps prevent critters from getting underneath and possibly inside your shed. Screens on the windows can also prevent flying insects from entering.

Repair damage immediately

If your shed’s siding or roof becomes damaged from a storm or other unfortunate hazard, be sure to patch any holes at once. It doesn’t take long for a pest to find its way in, and once they begin nesting inside the walls, you could have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Avoid trash

Don’t leave garbage or debris piled up inside or near the exterior of your outdoor storage building or detached garage. Larger pests such as raccoons and possums will rummage around in garbage cans looking for food, while piles of leaves or mulch will attract bugs.

A high-quality shed or garage from BackYard Storage is built to keep pests at bay, but with a little care and attention, you can add even more layers of protection to safeguard your belongings.

Contact us or come by one of our convenient locationsto learn more about our high-quality outdoor storage buildings made in the USA. Or browse our inventory to see all the sizes, styles, and features available to you. You can even design a custom shed with our configurator tool.

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