Getting in Shape for the New Year Has Never Been Easier with BackYard Storage

If getting into shape is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, but you’re not looking forward to driving to the gym, paying overpriced membership fees, and waiting in lines to use the equipment, then BackYard Storage has the perfect solution.

Turn one of our outdoor storage buildings into your own personal home gym!

A home gym is not only convenient, but it’s also a great motivator because it’s easy to increase the amount of time you spend working out. It’s also a private space where you can exercise in peace without having to deal with annoying strangers watching you, or impatiently waiting for you to finish so they can use the equipment next.

If you already have a home gym inside your house, then consider an outdoor storage building for your workouts. It frees up the room for other uses and cuts down on the noises from weights, music, or workout videos. It’s certainly less expensive than adding an extra room onto your house.

Speaking of cost, a home gym is also a great investment. The average gym membership is around $50 per month; that’s $600 or more each year you’ll spend for the “privilege” of using the gym’s facilities. If you put that money into purchasing an outdoor storage building and workout equipment, you’ll quickly recoup the expense in savings, and then you’ll have a workout room of your own for many years after.

Perhaps best of all, you can customize your home gym to your unique workout needs (cardio, weights, yoga, etc.) You can get the exact size and style of storage building you want, order the features to make your home gym functional and appealing, and then design the interior space around your preferred equipment and layout.

BackYard Storage has everything you need to start the New Year on a healthier note with a home gym right in your backyard.

Contact us today or come by one of our convenient locations, and let one of our storage experts show you all the options. Or visit us online and look through our inventory of new and pre-owned outdoor storage buildings. You can even design the exact outdoor storage building of your dreams with our handy online configurator tool.

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