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They’re calling it the “gig economy.” More and more people are embracing the freelance lifestyle, working for themselves and their clients. Even traditional companies are increasingly allowing employees to work “remotely” away from the office.

If you’re one of this new breed of independent workers, you still need a place to do your work. You essentially have two options: One, you can rent an expensive office or co-workspace; or two, you can work from home. If you can afford the first option, then great! But if you’re like many workers operating on a limited budget, working from home is probably the most practical solution.

This solution carries problems of its own, however. You need space to work, so that means occupying a room in your house or the garage; if you have a family, you will not have complete privacy or quiet; even simple things like meeting with clients can be a bit awkward in your home.

The best answer is to simply convert one of our made-in-the-USA outdoor storage sheds or garages into the perfect home office. Conversions are easy with our online custom shed designer, and you get a solution that combines the efficiency and privacy of an outside office with the convenience and budget savings of working from home.

Where do you start?

First, consider how much space you will need:

  • How much office furniture/equipment do you have? Be sure to measure each piece to determine square footage.
  • Will you need to meet with clients or fellow freelancers? Think about how much space it will take for multiple people to meet in comfort.
  • Will you need table space for plans or drawings? Will you need to store client records and other business documents? Allow additional space for every aspect of your home office operation.

You have options.

Next, decide how you want your home office to look—you can pick the style and colors you like, choose the exterior siding and roofing materials, and select other great features such as doors and windows.

Then, we have tons of decorative options to choose from to really customize your home office, including pre-hung doors and additional windows, porch packages, cupolas and transoms, even flower boxes. With our custom build capabilities, we can build virtually anything to suit your vision.

Finish it off.

Finally, with a little interior drywall, an electrical package, and even some plumbing, you can have a beautiful, fully-functional, private workspace right in your backyard.

Need Help?

Contact our shed experts today, or come by one of our convenient dealership locations and talk to the staff about what you want to do. We can answer all your questions, make suggestions, and point you to the next steps to make it all happen.

You can even check out our online inventory of sheds and storage buildings for inspiration. When you’re ready, we’re waiting to help you!

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