How to Dress Up a Carport

So you’ve decided to invest in a new carport. Not only is this a great decision for the protection of your vehicle(s), but there’s also an opportunity to truly make your new carport your own by ‘dressing it up’ in a way that suits your style and existing home decor theme.

Steel carports from BackYard Storage are supplied with all the materials necessary to have your new carport installed safely and quickly—even the installation itself is included with the price. But what’s not included is your own flair!

In this article, we’re going to give you some tips for enhancing the look of your new carport with some easy additions and modifications that won’t compromise the functionality of your new carport, but will add to its aesthetic appeal.

Let’s get started!

Options for Carport Structure Use

Carports don’t necessarily have to be used to protect parked vehicles from the elements. It’s becoming more and more common to use carport structures as foundations for multiple uses. These can include:

  • Greenhouse/Covered Garden. Got a green thumb? Carport structures can provide an excellent foundation for your own cultivation space. You can run power to the carport and place grow lights where they work best, and choose to either leave the carport open-sided or add paneling to enclose it; whichever works best for the plants or crops you plan on growing.
  • Extra storage. Full enclosed carports make for outstanding extra storage space. All that’s needed is the correctly sized metal siding and an access point. The team at BackYard Storage can help with this, just reach out and ask!
  • Man Cave/She Shed. Who ever said that a man cave or she shed needed to be fully enclosed? This is a great option for property owners in more temperate climates, where an open-air carport can be outfitted into a comfy, inviting place to relax and enjoy some downtime.
  • Workshop. Carport dimensions are perfect for building workshops. There’s enough room for a workbench, tool storage, pegboards, and even a few woodworking stations if that’s your thing. And, ventilation can be made easy by integrating a fan or windows into the structure siding.

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to be using your new carport, the next steps are going to be building it out and finishing it off with personal touches that reflect your style.

Tips for Touching Up Your Carport

However you’ll be using your carport, keep these tips in mind when making your list of enhancements.

  1. Add some decor! There is no rule that says your new carport has to look the same way it did the day building was complete. Hang some wall art, house plants, or other creative adornments and bring a touch of your own personal style to the area.
  2. Light it up. You know that old lamp in the attic you never use? Why not bring it into your revamped carport for a little extra lighting? Perhaps drape some string lights along the framing to add a fun touch.
  3. Improve on the concrete floor. Most carports are installed on concrete or asphalt slabs. These are almost always uninsulated, which means you can enhance them by adding padding and carpeting. Alternatively, bring in a few area rugs to make the area a bit comfier.
  4. Add some plants. Place ferns on either side of the entry door, and hang some house plants inside the carport for a more welcoming feel. If your carport enclosure has window sills, place a few succulent plants in them.
  5. Pave or pebble a path. Is there an easy route from your primary building out to your carport? Enhance the distance between the two by adding paver stones, pea gravel, or flagstone to make a path. It will add landscaping aesthetic while slightly enhancing safety.

Modifying your carport to suit your needs can be a fun project. And, we’re always excited to see the before and after photos. So, after you’ve dressed up your BackYard Storage carport, don’t forget to send us some pictures. We might feature them on our Facebook page!

As always, if you have any questions about which steel carport to use, how to make sure it’s right for the application, or if you need help locating a local contractor to assist with construction, just contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Before long, you’ll be enjoying the utility provided by your new steel carport from BackYard Storage. Good luck!

Browse our online inventory for a little inspiration, and then contact us or come by one of our convenient locations and talk to us. We’re ready to show you what you can do!

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