Make Sure Your Shed Is the Right Size

What size shed, detached garage, or outdoor storage building do you need? Before deciding, you should think carefully about the following questions and make some informed decisions.

What sizes are available?

Shed size chart

This chart shows the standard lengths and widths of the most common sheds, including the purpose for which each size is typically used. If you want a shed with custom dimensions, you can try designing your own with our online configurator.

Where will your shed go?

Decide where you want to place the outdoor storage building on your yard or property. Measure the area carefully—not only length and width, but check the height as well, looking out for low tree limbs, wires, and other elevated obstacles.

Does your shed site have a slope?

While the site for your shed doesn’t have to be perfectly flat, there should not be a slope that drops more than 3.5 ft. from the highest corner. Placing your shed on a slope will cause major problems keeping it level and structurally sound.

Is the path to the shed site clear?

Look at the route through your property that the delivery team will travel to bring in the shed. Be sure to note any potential obstacles (fences, foliage, etc.) and evaluate whether the site will need any prep work before installation. You can learn more about site preparation here.

How will you use your outdoor storage shed?

You probably already know what you want to use your shed for, but put some thought into how much space you will require to do it properly. Whether you intend to store things in the shed, use it as a workshop or hobby room, or any other purpose, look at your current space needs as a starting point for deciding what size shed you’ll need.

What will go in the shed?

List all the items you intend to put inside the storage building and make a rough estimate of the size of each. The total volume of the things going into the shed will help you determine the size you’ll need, but be sure to give yourself room to grow. The list can also help you determine if you’ll need larger doors or vertical storage such as shelves or a loft.

Need help figuring out what size storage building you need? Contact us or come by one of our convenient locations to talk to one of our shed experts.

You can also view our complete inventory of outdoor storage buildings, or use our online configurator to design one to your specifications.

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