Making the Shed Decision

At some point, it becomes obvious that you need more space in your house. You have too much stuff, or your family is growing, or your hobby or business is intruding on your living area…or maybe a combination of all these. Whatever the reason, there comes a time when you have to decide what to do about your lack of space.

One solution is to either rent storage space or purchase an outdoor storage building. Renting storage space is easy, although it can be costly and inconvenient, especially as a long-term fix. Purchasing a storage building has a ton of advantages, but how will you know when to commit?

Here are three ways to know if the time is right for an outdoor storage building on your property:

You Can’t Get Rid of Anything Else

You’ve gone through all your stuff and either thrown away or sold/donated everything you possibly can, and you STILL have a huge pile of stuff left that needs somewhere to go: toys, luggage, holiday decorations, unused furniture, baby items, etc. You can dedicate a room to storing all this stuff—sacrificing valuable living space in the process—or you can put your important belongings in a new or pre-owned storage shed where they are safe and secure, and within easy access at any time.

You Have Large Items Taking Up Space

It’s often the case that it’s not how much stuff you have, but how bulky or unwieldly it is. If you have large pieces of furniture, stacks of boxes, or heavy equipment eating up a lot of your home’s floorspace, then an outdoor storage shed makes a perfect location to house these items while freeing up room for your family.

You Have Lots of Outdoor Equipment Inside

If your home’s interior spaces are being used to store lawn care equipment, sporting goods, tools, bicycles, and other items meant to be used outdoors, then a storage shed not only allows you to free up room inside the house, but also helps keeps out dirt and prevents potential damage to floors and walls.

An outdoor storage building from BackYard Storage has lots of advantages for homeowners: it frees up cluttered spaces, and helps you stay neat and organized; it holds your belongings safe, secure, and within easy reach; and it keeps outside items outside, where they belong.

Take back the space inside your home—finance or lease an affordable, quality-built outdoor storage shed from BackYard Storage.

Check out our inventory of new and pre-owned outdoor storage sheds, or design a shed to your custom specifications using our handy online configurator tool.

Contact us or come by one of our convenient locations. We’ll help you find exactly the storage solution you’re looking for at a price you can afford.

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