Maximizing Your Shed’s Storage Space

Outdoor storage sheds are the perfect solution to keeping clutter out of your home, but how do you avoid cluttering up your shed? If you’ve recently purchased a shed or you’re renting to own, the key to avoiding a cluttered storage space is to plan ahead and get creative. Here are a few inexpensive strategies to keeping your outdoor storage shed clutter-free and organized.


There are lots of shelf units available in a wide range of prices and materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. Some units need to be assembled while others are mounted to the walls of the shed. For an easy, do-it-yourself project, you can make rustic-looking shelves from discarded lumber or pallet wood, or you can mount shelving between the shed studs to keep smaller items out of the way, especially if you need to maintain maximum floorspace.


Mounting pegboard to the interior walls of your shed is a great way to create custom storage that you can change quickly to suit your needs. Once the pegboard is up, simply insert the hooks where you want them and hang your tools, extension cords, rope, baskets, shelves, and other items. Everything’s visible and within quick reach. You can even paint the pegboard to match your shed’s unique style.

PVC Pipe

If you store a lot of long-handled tools such as shovels, rakes, and brooms, they can be a pain to keep organized, especially if you move things in and out of the shed on a regular basis. One great way to keep them organized is to cut a 1.5-inch diameter piece of PVC pipe into sections and attach them to the shed wall. Just slide the handle into the pipe piece and the tool stays secure and out of the way until you need it.

Magnetic Strips

Mounting a strip of inexpensive magnetic material or even a magnetic knife holder to the shed wall allows you to attach metal tools and other pieces such as drill bits or saw blades so they don’t get lost. You can easily grab the tool you want and when you’re done, it goes right back in place with a snap.

Garden Hose Spool

These handy spools mount to the wall and are great for keeping garden hoses, extension cords, rope, chains, etc. off the ground and tangle-free. If you don’t want to purchase a reel, try making one out of an inexpensive bucket attached to the wall.

Is owning a storage shed the answer to your organization woes?

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