Pro-Tips for Painting Your Shed

The color of your shed can be an important factor in the overall enjoyment of your investment in an outdoor storage building. We discussed our available color palette in a previous post, but what if you want to paint your shed yourself, with a custom color you choose?

Perhaps you’d like to match the color of your home, or maybe your current shed could use a fresh coat of paint after years of exposure to the elements. Maybe you just want a brand-new look for your outdoor storage building. Whatever the reason, you can totally paint it whatever color you want.

Here are some useful tips for beautifying your shed from BackYard Storage:

Make sure the siding is clean and dry.

Thoroughly wash the exterior of your shed using a pressure washer or a brush and cleaner. Let your shed dry completely before applying any paint or primer.

Use primer if necessary.

If you’re going from a light shade to a dark one, painting the exterior with a base coat of primer is probably not needed. If you’re going dark-to-light, however, priming the shed is essential in preventing the darker shade from bleeding through into the lighter one.

Mask the shed’s trim.

Unless you’re going to paint everything one color, be sure to use painter’s tape to mask off the trim and other areas where you intend your accent colors to go. This part can be tricky and time-consuming, but be patient and go slowly. If not masked off properly, the borders between colors can appear rough and uneven. Also, when removing the masking tape, pull it off before the color is completely dry or you may inadvertently peel dried paint off with it.

Find the right brush for the job.

Various types of paint applicators act differently on different parts of your outdoor storage building. Try a variety of brushes including rollers, bristle brushes, and foam brushes to find the one that works best for the surfaces you’re painting. Each has pros and cons, depending on what you’re painting.

Purchase enough paint.

Take note of the size of the area you intend to paint and ask your supplier how much paint you’ll need to get the job done. You may want to purchase a little extra for future touchups, but be sure to take note of the brand and color you purchase so if you ever need to match it, you’ll remember what you bought.

Apply one coat at a time.

Paint one good coat on your shed, and then let it dry thoroughly (preferably overnight). Once its dry, examine your shed in the sunlight and look for any areas that might need touching up. This will also give you the opportunity to determine if a second coat is necessary to bring out the best color.

BackYard Storage has all the stylish design tips you need to make your shed stand out among the rest.

Contact us or come by one of our convenient locations to learn more about all the things you can do, or check out our online configurator to see for yourself.

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