Protect Your Motorcycle with a Dedicated Shed or Detached Garage

If you own a motorcycle, you probably paid a pretty penny for it. Just like your car, boat, or other vehicle, you’ll need a secure place to park and store your valuable investment against theft and possible damage from sun and the weather. A tarp or cloth cover can help, but it won’t do much good against a falling tree branch or a careless family member pulling into the driveway too fast. Even strong winds can knock your motorcycle right off the kickstand.

Make sure you protect your property and keep it in top condition with a high-quality outdoor shed or detached garage from BackYard Storage. Our sheds and garages provide shelter to protect against weather-related dust, damage and corrosion, while our heavy-duty, made-in-the-USA construction safeguards your motorcycle and other valuables from thieves and preventable accidents. It also makes a great place to store your related tools and riding gear, such as helmets, leathers, and boots.

Even if you ride year-round and don’t need to store your motorcycle in the off-season, a dedicated motorcycle shed is a great place to park anytime. Plus, it frees up lots of storage space in your garage. If you’re storing your motorcycle for several weeks or months at a time, however, here are some tips for ensuring that it stays in ready-to-go shape for when good riding weather comes back.

  1. Change the oil and filter, and top off all fluids, including coolant, brake fluid, and gas. Be sure to add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank to prevent the gasoline from breaking down.
  2. Thoroughly clean and wax your motorcycle, and spray WD-40 on the exhaust pipes to prevent rust and corrosion.
  3. Use a motorcycle stand to take weight off the tires, or rotate the tires every few weeks to prevent flat spots.
  4. Plug the exhaust with rags and cover the motorcycle with a breathable cloth tarp (plastic covers can trap moisture).

Protect your motorcycles and other vehicles with a high-quality, American-made storage shed or garage from BackYard Storage.

Contact BackYard Storage today or come by one of our convenient retail lots to learn more about our high-quality outdoor storage buildings, and to see all the sizes, styles, and features available to you. You can even browse our inventory or custom-design exactly the shed you want shed with our online configurator.

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