Turn a Shed into a Dedicated Garage for Your Mower

If you have a lawn of any appreciable size, then you’ve probably invested a LOT of money in your mower and other yard-care equipment like leaf blowers, weed eaters, and trimmers. Then there’s all the seed and fertilizer spreaders, the aerators, the sprayers, and all the other tools and accessories you use to keep your yard looking great.

This gear is too valuable to leave outside or in an unprotected space, it takes up way too much room in your garage, and you certainly can’t bring it indoors. The best, most practical way to protect your equipment is by converting an all-purpose outdoor shed from BackYard Storage into a safe and secure mower garage.

Typically, the most popular shed styles for a lawn mower garage are the standard garden or utility shed, but lofted barns are popular as well because they provide tons of extra storage space. But the shed’s style is probably the least important factor in choosing a lawn mower garage.

Here are a few tips for making the right choices.


You don’t need a lot of space to store a push mower, but if you have a riding or stand-up (zero-turn) mower, then you’ll need a much larger shed. Leave enough room for all your other equipment and accessories as well by taking measurements of the bigger pieces and estimating the volume of everything else you intend to store. Most importantly, give yourself adequate space to safely move around inside the shed without hitting or tripping over something. We recommend you start with at least a 10x16 shed.


To store your mower and other equipment so that everything is convenient to get in and out of the shed, you need a storage building that not only has plenty of space, but plenty of access as well. Ideally, you want a shed with double doors at one end, and a single access door on the side for when you just need to get in and out quickly.

Optional Features

The usability of a mower shed is greatly improved by adding just a few simple options:

  • A ramp helps you get the mower in and out of the shed quickly and safely, and protects the mower deck and your shed’s doorframe from accidental damage.
  • A single door on the side of the shed lets you access the garage without having to open the double doors and climb over the mower.
  • Windows and vents help control the airflow to get rid of oil and gasoline fumes, carbon monoxide, and unwanted moisture.
  • Windows also provide natural light and extra ventilation to keep the interior both well-lit and cool while you’re working in the shed.
  • Shelving provides extra storage space.
  • A workbench gives you a strong flat surface to work on repairs.

Check out our online inventory or come by one of our convenient locations to see all the sizes, styles, and options available for your lawn mower shed (or any other purpose you can imagine). Contact us if you have any questions—we’re standing by to help!

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