Turn Your Outdoor Storage Building into the Ultimate Gameday Shed

The big game is just a few days away. Whether you’re a casual sports fan or a die-hard enthusiast, nothing beats having a dedicated space to enjoy the game with your family and friends.

One great idea is to purchase a high-quality, affordable shed from BackYard Storage, and with some simple modifications you can create a fan-friendly place to watch sports all year long.

Try these tips for turning your outdoor storage building into the ultimate, sports-themed entertainment room.

1) Wire It for Power:

You’ll need to run an electrical line to your gameday shed. It’s fairly simple to do, but if you’re not experienced with wiring, please contact an electrician for help. Make sure you install several outlets spaced strategically around the room. Once you have power, bring in a mini-fridge, a crockpot, and a microwave for handy snackability.

2) Make It Comfy:

You can hang insulation and drywall in the interior for a reasonable cost, but the added comfort is worth it. Bring in some sofas and chairs, and make sure you have enough extra seating for unexpected guests who might show up. A few throw rugs can help cover up the wood floors and provide a layer of insulation, and inexpensive blinds allow you to either bring in light or reduce sun glare.

3) Spruce It Up:

Add a fresh coat of paint, and maybe tile or linoleum to cover the floor. Show your fan spirit by painting highlights in your team’s colors, add a vinyl team logo decal, and hang your memorabilia.

4) Open Up the Space:

People love to congregate outside, so provide a way for your guests to mingle away from the TV but still stay close to all the action. A small deck or patio is an easy and inexpensive addition to your shed where you can put extra chairs, a picnic table, and even a grill or firepit. It’s a perfect way to host more people for the game without overcrowding the interior.

5) Hang Your TV:

Before you decide where to put your television, take a good look at your space and determine the best spot for unobstructed viewing. Be sure to locate an electrical outlet near where you intend to mount the television to the wall, and drill the hardware into the studs, not just the drywall—nothing will ruin gameday like having your TV peel away from the wall and hit the floor.

Let BackYard Storage help you turn your outdoor shed into a sports fan’s dream.

When all is said and done, if you find that you still have too much stuff for the space you have available, you can always look into purchasing a high-quality, American-made outdoor storage building from BackYard Storage. Whether that means a storage shed for your overflow belongings, or a detached garage for your vehicles, we have an outdoor storage building to suit all your needs.

Don’t let clutter push you out of your living spaces. Protect your property and enjoy your garage again.

There are lots of purchase options on our financing page or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Check out our full inventory of outdoor storage buildings, or use our online configurator tool to design exactly what you want.

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