You Can’t Go Wrong with Vinyl Siding

You have lots of great options when it comes to choosing which siding you want for your shed or outdoor storage building from BackYard Storage. One of the best and most popular choices is vinyl siding, for numerous reasons.

So, what are the pros and cons of vinyl siding?


Easy to Maintain

As a material, vinyl siding is durable and doesn’t need to be stained or patched like wood siding, meaning that you can expect your shed to last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Easy to Clean

No matter what type of siding you choose, your shed is going to get dirty over time. With vinyl siding, you typically only need to spray down your shed with a garden hose. If you get spots of mold or mildew, a simple household cleaner usually does the trick. (PRO-TIP: A solution of white vinegar and water makes a cost-effective cleaner for your vinyl siding.)

No Paint Necessary

Vinyl siding maintains its attractive color without requiring a refresher coat of paint every few years, saving you money, time, and labor.

Repels Water

Excess moisture (rain, humidity, etc.) is among the most common sources of damage to an outdoor storage building because it invites wood rot, mold, and mildew. Vinyl siding resists water and keeps moisture out.

Resists Pests

No other siding material foils pests as well as vinyl, which helps prevent wood-damaging insects like termites, wasps, and hornets from infiltrating your shed.

Easy to Repair

If your shed sustains damage for some reason, the siding can be replaced in single strips, saving you lots of money on repair costs, compared to other siding materials.


Vulnerable to Heavy Storms

Of all the available materials, vinyl siding is the most at-risk for damage from high winds, hail, and other storm-related hazards.

Susceptible to Certain Types of Damage

If struck with sufficient force (such as a fallen tree limb), vinyl siding can puncture or break much easier than wood or aluminum. The good news is, as we’ve seen above, vinyl strips are super easy to replace and not very expensive.

Premium Price

Vinyl siding typically has a higher initial cost than wood, but HOAs often require vinyl to comply with neighborhood regulations. Over the lifespan of your outdoor shed, however, vinyl’s durability and ease of maintenance is likely less expensive than alternative materials.

Ready to take a look at all of BackYard Storage’s options for vinyl sheds?

Check out our full inventory of outdoor storage buildings, or feel free to contact us directly or come by one of our convenient locations if you have any questions.

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