Your Shed’s Flooring Is Built to Last (and Last, and Last)

You might not think much about the floor you’re standing on, but we think about it a lot. The flooring inside your shed is just as important as the walls and roof are in keeping your valuables safe and secure. We engineer all our outdoor storage buildings with quality and durability in mind.

So, what goes into our floor construction?

Underneath everything are the runners, 4 x 4 lengths of treated wood that rest either directly on the ground, or on a gravel bed or concrete pad. The runners are treated to prevent damage from moisture and insects.

Sitting on top of the runners are the floor joists, which fit securely and provide a strong framework for the flooring. Typically, floor joists are treated two-by-fours, although bigger sheds will use larger joists to prevent the floor from sagging.

The flooring itself is most often made of 3/4-in. plywood panels, although other high-quality flooring options are also common. The most inexpensive option is untreated plywood, but that material is prone to split and warp over time. Treated plywood is a better option for the price, and often comes with a warranty against damage from rot and termites.

What other options are out there?

Tongue-and-groove (T&G) panels are an upgrade for plywood flooring that fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. This type of flooring is stronger and tighter than other construction methods, and better at preventing moisture and pests.

Engineered wood products have become popular due to their durability and long life, along with their resistance to warping and splitting. Their professional-grade appearance looks like natural wood but without any knots or voids to mar the surface.

Another big advantage of engineered wood products is that their dimensions are consistent from panel to panel, which makes construction faster and easier. BackYard Storage uses engineered wood products from LP and AdvanTech in our high-quality sheds.

When it comes to quality flooring options for your outdoor storage building, we stand on our reputation.

Browse our inventory to see all our available sheds, garages, and storage buildings, or come by one of our convenient locations to check out our high quality construction for yourself. You can even use our online configurator to see all the options available to you.

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