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Sheds Built on Site For Unique Spaces

Sometimes delivering a ready-built shed is not feasible due to tight side yards, low-hanging power lines or fencing. Fortunately, BackYard Storage has the perfect solution; built on site sheds.

Not sure if your yard is better suited for a ready-built shed or a shed built on site? Here are a few simple questions to ask.

Do you have space limitations?

If your backyard is completely fenced-in or if you have a narrow path to your backyard, a built on site shed may be your best option.

Do you want your shed placed in a unique part of your property?

With built on site sheds, the sky is the limit for where your building can be built.

Do you have local restrictions?

Some municipalities have strict guidelines that must be followed when hauling large buildings. Permits can be expensive and cumbersome to apply for. With a built on site shed, you may have more leeway.

BackYard Storage is pleased to offer Built on Site Sheds in the following states: South Carolina, parts of North Carolina, Eastern Georgia and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Pricing may vary based on state and is assessed on top of MSRP based on your shed design. BackYard Storage is Platinum Certified by RTO National and can offer financing up to $15,000 over 60 months with fixed rates as low as 9.99%.

Contact us today to build on-site.