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Utility shed

Utility Shed

A utility shed typically features a standard-size single door with high walls that are between six and seven feet high. The roof has an “A-frame” roof pitch with a low slope, so no attic storage space.

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Lofted barn shed

Lofted Barn

A lofted barn usually includes a set of double doors for entry and sidewalls that are shorter (6’-6’4”) than in a utility. The roof is high sloping (Gambrel style) which provides for potential storage in the ‘loft.’ A Gambrel style roof has two slopes on each side with the lower slopes being steeper than the upper slopes. Some buildings have the loft built in, but some will need it to be added, though all provide the needed space. These are the tallest units we offer and also provide the most space per square foot due to the loft.

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Garage shed

Garage Shed

A garage shed is essentially a lofted barn or utility shed with a roll-up or garage door. This is what you might need if you are wanting a wide entry space or space to drive something into the building. Some garage sheds are built with ¾” plywood flooring and 2’x6’ floor joists in order to accommodate the weight of items put into this type of building, so that is something to check on if you have something heavy in mind to store.

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Barn shed


A barn has the Gambrel roof style that the lofted barn has, but with no loft and also lower sidewalls (4’). A Gambrel style roof has two slopes on each side with the lower slopes being steeper than the upper slopes. The entry door is typically six feet tall, and that height is usually near the height of the roof peak. This building type is seldom made these days, and in our inventory, you will only see it in our pre-owned section, if at all.

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Cabin shed

Cabin Shed

Cabin sheds, like garage sheds, are characterized by one distinguishing quality, and for cabins it is the addition of a porch. You will see both utility sheds and lofted barns with porches added, and as a result these are classified as a cabin shed.

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Lean to shed

Lean to Shed

A lean to is set apart from other shed types by its single-sloped roof meant to make it possible for it to ‘lean’ against another structure, although it can stand up on its own.

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Wide load shed

Wide Load Buildings

A wide load building is simply a building that is over twelve feet wide, measured from eve to eve, not inside of the building. In Texas and Oklahoma, a building must be over fourteen feet wide to be considered a wide load. They are designated this way due largely to transportation requirements that are associated with wider loads.

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A carport is a structure meant to provide shelter, especially from weather elements. They can have no walls, or up to three walls if semi-enclosed. They are highly customizable, so size options vary greatly.

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Other buildings

Other Buildings

Chicken Coops

A chicken coop consists of a ‘coop,’ or a walled main structure for the chickens, and also a ‘run’ which is an enclosed area outside of, but attached to, the main structure, and is meant to give the chickens access to the outdoors. This part is typically made of some kind of wire mesh supported by another material.


A deck is a flat, outdoor structure attached to a house, typically with no roof.

Dog Kennels

A dog kennel is a structure built for dogs, usually with an indoor portion and an attached exterior portion that is enclosed by a chain link fence.

Gazebos (landowners only)

A gazebo is a structure with a roof, typically shaped as a hexagon or octagon, and open on all sides.


A greenhouse is a structure meant to house plants, so the walls and roof are typically transparent to let the sun in, and made of material such as glass.

Livestock Shelters

A livestock shelter is a structure for animals such as cows, horses, and goats, and is typically three-sided. You may also know of these as ‘run-in’ sheds.


A playhouse is a small shed, shorter in height than a traditional shed, meant for children. They often have small porches attached, or other fun additions like a slide, swings, or both in an entire attached playset.


An outdoor playset is a structure for children usually including a slide, swings, and an elevated, semi-enclosed platform on which to play.

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