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12x20 Garage Shed

12x20 Garage Shed

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This new shed offers a place to house it all! Unmatched by other storage solutions, new sheds bring a charming addition to any landscape. Perfect for summer fun and can even serve as basecamp for your DIY adventures.

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Product Attributes

Category The Garage Shed is designed to improve our customers' daily lives by saving them time, helping them to effectively solve a storage problem, or provide them a solution to meet a common need. This building type is particularly ideal for storing garden tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, camping equipment, and more, not to mention that they are constructed out of premium materials which provide strength and durability throughout the life of the building. The aluminum garage door with latch rolls up with little effort and locks securely, protecting your valuables from unwanted intruders. The sturdy tongue and groove plywood flooring has a rugged design and will support whatever you decide to store inside the building. Easily add storage space and value to your property with this garage shed.
Windows The shed windows come with adjustable louvers and built-in screens, allowing just the right amount of comfortable airflow inside the building.
Style Over time, the elements can abuse your shed and wear it down. With LP SmartSide siding, you'll sleep great at night knowing that the exterior of your shed is protected with the best that technology has to offer.
Double top plate This building has been framed with double top plates to evenly distribute weight throughout the load bearing walls.
Electrical package The electrical package is a smart choice to add to any new or custom shed. With a 100-amp panel box, 2 lights with 1 switch, and 3 outlets with covers you, have the ultimate opportunity to create a space which works for any idea.
Flooring The LP ProStruct flooring in this shed comes backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty, giving you a floor for your shed that is the best technology has to offer.
Garage door The garage door allows you to keep working when the heat tries to hold you back. Beat the heat by sliding open your garage door and enjoy the breeze.
Radiant barrier roof Working inside a shed in the summer time can be miserable. The sun's solar energy can drastically increase the temperature inside the building. We've lined the roof inside this building with radiant barrier to prevent unwanted heat gain. Radiant barrier reduces the radiant heat transfer from the underside of the roof to the other surfaces inside the shed.
Radiant barrier siding Radiant barrier has been installed on the siding of this shed. Most sheds absorb the sun's radiant energy, making inside temperatures unbearable. The radiant barrier inside this shed is designed to reflect the sun's solar energy and keep you cooler for whatever project you're working on.
Roof type The shingled roof is designed to keep the shed's interior in top shape and is very easy to maintain.
Runners type Treated runners (skids) have been used for more than three centuries to support the foundations of outbuildings. That's why this time-tested method has been installed on this shed. Skids provide a fast and effective way to evenly distribute the building's weight, making this shed portable and easy to relocate.
Siding finish Mold and mildew can break down the exterior materials on your shed over time. With this shed's coat of paint, you can seal its exterior and keep destructive moisture at bay while adding beauty and value to your property.
Wall framing type Constructed with premium quality wood, the wall framing is extremely durable to insure the load bearing walls evenly distribute weight to the shed floor.

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