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12x20 Garage Shed

12x20 Garage Shed

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Buying a brand new shed can turn your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary. Anymore, sheds are not just for storing your valuables, so keep in mind that you'll be looking at this building for the foreseeable future.

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Product Attributes

Category The Garage Shed is designed to improve our customers' daily lives by saving them time, helping them to effectively solve a storage problem, or provide them a solution to meet a common need. This building type is particularly ideal for storing garden tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, camping equipment, and more, not to mention that they are constructed out of premium materials which provide strength and durability throughout the life of the building. The aluminum garage door with latch rolls up with little effort and locks securely, protecting your valuables from unwanted intruders. The sturdy tongue and groove plywood flooring has a rugged design and will support whatever you decide to store inside the building. Easily add storage space and value to your property with this garage shed.
Windows The windows provide natural illumination and the built-in screens let cool air in from the outdoors.
Style You may not be able to control the weather, but with LP SmartSide siding, you'll know that your shed can handle everything that mother nature has to offer.
Double top plate Double top plates have been added to the framing to help safely transfer weight through the wall studs.
Flooring Untreated plywood flooring tends to absorb moisture leaving nasty odors and unattractive staining, forcing you to worry about cleaning up before any sort of spill has time to soak in. With the LP ProStruct engineered flooring in this shed, you can focus more on finishing whatever project you've got going on and less about cleaning up.
Garage door The garage shed allows you to get the job started and finished more quickly. Pop open the door and get your lawnmower stored away or hop on your ATV and get to the trail head to maximize your time. The garage door makes life easy and simple.
Radiant barrier roof When the sun hits any shed roof, it's primarily the sun's radiant energy that makes the inside hot. Most of the heat travels by conduction through the roofing materials. Radiant barrier has been installed inside this shed to prevent unwanted radiant heat gain, keeping you cooler during the warm summer months.
Radiant barrier siding You wouldn't think a thin piece of reflective material would be able to keep this shed cooler, but it does that and even more. It's called radiant barrier and it's already been installed on the siding of this shed. During the warm summer months, radiant barrier is a must have. It reflects the sun's solar energy and reduces radiant heat gain throughout the building.
Roof type The difference is in the details and the shingled roof will bring years of dependable protection, standing up to freezing temperatures and extreme heat.
Runners type Building a durable shed that's designed to last for years starts with a solid foundation. Treated runners (skids) are used to support the frame of the floor, including whatever is stored inside the shed. Skids help to evenly spread the building's weight evenly throughout the building.
Siding finish Maintaining a backyard is hard work. Whether you had to trim back bushes or plant flower beds, you've put time and energy into creating a space on your property you can be proud of. The coat of paint on this shed will allow you to put a unit in your backyard that complements those aesthetics.
Wall framing type Durable and dependable during extreme weather conditions, the wall framing has been constructed with premium quality wood insuring the vertical and horizontal loads are evenly distributed to the shed floor.

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