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12x16 Utility

12x16 Utility

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When shopping around for a new shed, think about how you might integrate the building into the surrounding landscape. Ideally, the new shed you choose complements the style of your home. You want the building to blend into a yard, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

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Product Attributes

Double door A storage shed is often used as a means of protecting other investments. So whether you're storing an ATV, lawnmower, motorcycle, or dirt bike, you can make moving these items in and out a breeze with these double doors.
Windows With built-in screens, the windows allow the warm air to escape and bring the cool air in, all while providing an abundance of natural light.
Style You'll want your shed to blend in, not stick out like a sore thumb. With LP SmartSide you can match your shed's color to your home and be sure that it compliments your property.
Double top plate This building has been framed with double top plates to evenly distribute weight throughout the load bearing walls.
Electrical package With the Electrical Package in this unit you can get rid of those long extension cords and plug right into the outlet.
Radiant barrier roof The roof of this shed has been lined with radiant barrier to help keep your building cooler during warmer temperatures. We use this product to reduce radiant heat gain from the sun's rays.
Radiant barrier siding Along with the roof, the siding of this shed also has radiant barrier installed.
Roof type The metal roof brings years of trusted dependability, minimizing midday heat gain, and reflecting radiant heat from the sun.
Runners type The foundation of this shed is constructed with treated runners (skids), helping to evenly distribute the building's weight throughout the floor.
Siding finish You'll want your shed to bring value to your home and blend in with the theme on your property. With this coat of paint, you can rest easy knowing that your shed will complement your home and provide maximum curb appeal.
Wall framing type The wall framing is constructed with premium quality wood capable of accommodating the loads imposed upon the building and insuring the building will stand strong for many years to come.

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