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10x12 Utility

10x12 Utility

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This new shed can give you an effortless place to keep your belongings within arms-reach. Naturally easily accessable, a new shed will keep you from crawling around in your attic or garage. A new shed can also serve as a recreational place to bring everyone together. You've read the headlines, she-sheds and man caves are the latest craze when it comes to entertaining guests.

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Product Attributes

Double door Ventilation can be a key factor in conducting any DIY project. Opening up these double doors can provide that much needed airflow to make staining furniture or cutting lumber much more bearable.
Windows The windows provide natural illumination and the built-in screens let cool air in from the outdoors.
Style You'll want your shed to blend in, not stick out like a sore thumb. With LP SmartSide you can match your shed's color to your home and be sure that it compliments your property.
Double top plate Double top plates have been added to the framing to help safely transfer weight through the wall studs.
Electrical package The Electrical package gives you the perfect space for your backyard getaway. You simply walk in, flip a switch, and get to work. Have all your tools organized and ready to use by plugging them in to one of the 3 separate outlets.
Flooring Maybe you plan to use your shed as a pool house to keep all of those pool maintenance items out of sight. With LP ProStruct engineered flooring and its moisture resistant technology, you'll be able to store all of those wet items without concern for the structural integrity of your flooring.
Radiant barrier roof The shiny material that lines the ceiling is called radiant barrier. It helps reduce summer heat gain and reflect the sun's solar energy, drastically reducing the temperature inside the shed.
Radiant barrier siding This shed's siding has been lined with radiant barrier to keep you cooler during the heat of the summer. Helping to keep the building's inside temperature significantly lower, radiant barrier reflects the sun's solar energy rather than absorbing it.
Roof type From extreme heat to freezing temperatures, the shingled roof offers a beautiful and reliable roofing system.
Runners type The foundation of this shed sits on treated runners (skids) and makes it portable and simple to relocate.
Siding finish This shed has a good coat of paint that has some unexpected advantages. It can seal any open areas in your exterior, helping prevent termite damage and extend the overall lifetime of the exterior material. With the paint on this unit you can provide much needed protection for your shed and have a unit that complements your home.
Wall framing type Studs are the skeleton of any stick-framed shed. Transmitting vertical and horizontal loads to the foundation of the building.

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